Monday, November 10, 2014

Meeting #247: The Night of Halloween

By Wayne Poon

Mid Valley Toastmasters Club Meeting #247: 
The Night of Halloween

The Night of Halloween - It is almost the year-end festival season. Mid Valley Toastmasters club located in one of the largest shopping center in Malaysia never misses out on the celebration of Halloween week. This meeting, held on Monday 27th October 2014, saw them celebrating this scary night-time festival - with the meeting theme of “The Night of Halloween". This article aims to introduce some of the famous members of the club and the special things that happened during the meeting, in regards of Halloween related stories.

President of the Night - The meeting was started by Shim Chee Loon, the president of the club and also a humorous guy. He started off the meeting with his funny opening address and greetings. In the table topic session, he volunteered to be one of the Table Topic speaker and delivered a horror-filled mini-speech about a movie called “The Orphan”.  Although the speech is about a horror movie, the way it was illustrated by Chee Loon was neither horrible nor creepy but funny and it kept the audience laughing all throughout.


Anyway, the loudest laugh in the room was from Becky :D

ToastMasters of the Evening(TME) - Vivien Lim led the evening as TME. This couples has been actively attending meetings and serves the club well by volunteering to play meeting roles.

3 Special Guests –Some special guests were invited and they are quite senior in Toastmasters. They are Mr Lucky, Victor Ong and Sharm Siva. . 

Mr Lucky is from  Bangsar Toastmasters Club and played  the role of General Evaluator. Well, I am pretty sure “Lucky” is his nick name and I am also wondering why he is keeping his real name anonymous. Lucky shared and gave quite a numbers of helpful points on improving our public speaking and communication skill.  It was a great learning experience! 


We have Victor Ong to delivered his advanced speech about his experience as a ghost buster. It was a lengthy story but interesting with some humorous contents.   He is working as a lecturer and is very active in Toastmaster. He often visits multiple Toastmaster clubs as part of his weekly schedule. 


Sharm Siva was also invited to the meeting, as a Table Topic Evaluator. Her comments and evaluations are always positive, warm and encouraging – it makes the speaker feel like performing another speech again right after. 

Our lovely members – Our meeting  was made more festive by the attendance of our club members:

Mi Shan the young, pretty and important  Vice-President of Membership as Speech Evaluator for Chee Kon’s  Ice-Breaker speech

Ryan Ting, with his student-look and well-spoken English, took the stage as Table Topic Master.

Christy Chang the girl who always presents speeches about mosquitoes! In this meeting, she played the role of Timekeeper. 

Yeap Wei Leeng the new joiner of our Mid Valley Toastmasters Club, played the role of  Ah-Counter 

Closing of the meeting – We  had a special birthday celebration event today before the meeting adjourned: White Dark Chocolate Cheese cake to celebrate the birthdays of our October babies. Everyone enjoyed the cake, our fruitful chit-chatting session later and ended the meeting with smiles and a full stomach.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Meeting #246: Relight Your Fire!

By Chong Carmen

After a long break (due to there being five Mondays in September), let’s RELIGHT YOUR FIRE and AWAKEN your passion in public speaking!  It was a call to celebrate Deepavali  in advance with our Hindu & Non-Hindu friends and what better way to do that than with our Deepavali Edition Meeting with the theme ‘Relight Your Fire’!

Diwali is known as the festival of lights. Light symbolizes true knowledge. True knowledge arises by an inner awakening –  chakrās. Hence, our Word of The Day is ‘Awaken’ (or Awakening)! All the members and guests were encouraged to use the Word of The Day as often as they could.

To add some ‘spice’ to the atmosphere, we decorated our meeting room as creatively (and safely) as we could. Here’s our masterpiece:

Ta-da!!! Full colour printing on high quality paper with meaningful messages - décor filled with the feeling of Diwali! We stuck  all these great pictures all around the wall of our meeting room before the meeting starts.

Tonight, we not only had guests  come and join us, but one of our members, who comes  all the way from Japan, Ted Saraki, made an appearance too! After having spent several months in the US, we’re glad  to see you again, Ted!

It’s 7pm! Our meeting started off with the Presiding Speech,  hosted by our lovely and charming club
treasurer, Becky Benjamin. She is the best representative to kick start the meeting and her presence  definitely helped add more ‘spice’ to the atmosphere. I’m sure you know why… *evil smile*

Mid Valley Toastmasters Club has few ‘humor sifus’ that you should know of. One of the humor sifus has volunteered himself to be the Toastmasters of the Evening (TME, or you may also call it ‘Emcee’). He is none other than our ‘youngest’ member in the Club – Mr. Wong Woon Pen!

There are also a few Champion Speakers that you should know of in Mid Valley Toastmasters Club. They were the Contest Winners in various public speaking competitions from Club Level up to District Level. Again, this ‘Champion Speaker’ volunteered himself to be our Table Topic Master and he is none other than our Vice President of Educations, Timothy Nakayama!  He creatively categorized the table topics into 3 different categories,  easiest (green), slightly hard (amber) and hardest (red). Table Topic Speakers can choose their Table Topic number in these 3 different categories.

He played around with the theme of ‘Relight Your Fire’ and came out with a few interesting Table Topics. Our first table topic challenger, Mantosh, who is also our visitor of the evening, took up the challenge and chose the hardest Table Topic in the RED category with the title of ‘The Night is Always Darkest Before The Dawn’. He spoke calmly and he showed ZERO nervousness while delivering his impromptu speech. If you like listening to a deep and manly voice, you will love listening to Mantosh speak!

Our second table topic challenger, Tan Yong Jue, who is also one of our newly-joined members, chose the slightly hard table topic in the AMBER category with the speech title ‘Time to Stop’. He impressed us without a single word the moment he came onto the stage with his bare feet.

Was it part of the speech? He said credited his bare feet to the marathon run he joined yesterday.

Our third Table Topic challenger, who is also one of our Champion Speakers in Mid Valley Toastmasters Club, Ian Lai, took up the challenge.  Catching us by surprise, he chose the easiest table topic in the GREEN category with his speech title ‘Keep The Fire Burning’. His charisma and confidence is always there to impress us. Kudos to him and  hats  off there!

Lastly, our final challenger, Scott, who is also the visitor of the evening,  chose the table topic in the GREEN category with his speech title of ‘The Light of My Life’. Throughout his speech, we can imagine how lovely he is with his wife.

We had 4 Table Topic challengers of the evening! Let’s give a round of applause to them *clap*!

Coming up next  on our agenda, it was the session for all the project speeches. Our first project speaker, TM Tan Yong Jue, delivered his CC#3 speech with his speech title ‘Fighting My Inner Demons’. He told us the struggle within himself before and during  his participation in the marathon run that just happened the day before. Hope your legs will be alright soon, Yong Jue!

Our second project speaker of the evening who is also our pretty Vice President of Membership, CC Mi Shan, Wong, delivered her Successful Club Series speech with the title ‘The Toastmasters Education Program’. Her speech not only helped the guests to better understand the learning journey in Toastmasters but also helped  clear any doubts our members might have had, especially during  the FAQ session.

After the prepared speeches session, it was time for the breakfast  of Champions – Evaluation session. Our General Evaluator, Sharm Siva, ACB (all the way from KL Advanced TMC), took control and called upon our Table Topic Evaluator, Vivien Lim to give her feedback to all of our four Table Topic challengers.

Our next evaluator for Tan Yong Jue, Carmen Chong, TM, shared her point of view with Yong Jue and also the members and guests. She was  going to participate in the upcoming Division E Humorous and Evaluation Contest, hence, she requested an open evaluation on her evaluation to the speaker Tan Yong Jue. She appreciated  all the constructive feedback given to her. May these advice help AWAKEN the skills within her and bring her to the next level.

After the evaluation session, it was the time for technical reports! We had full support from all our eager learner members: Grammarian (Kow Che Khon), Timekeeper (Ryan Ting), and Ah Counter (Ivy Liew).
You reap what you sow! It came to the time for Awards! The Best Table Topic Speaker went to…… *drum roll please*……… Ian Lai!!!! Congratulations to Ian!

Also, we would like to present a token of appreciation to our General Evaluator, Sharm Siva, for making her effort to come to our Club and  giving her valuable feedback to us. Finally, it was time for the closing speech by our young, handsome and humorous President, Shim Chee Loon. Our meeting ended at 9.25pm with a good laugh. Thanks for delivering your humorous closing speech, President Shim!

Sometimes,  it is hard for words to explain every single detail of what happened during the meeting. Therefore, we urge you to visit our Club at least once in your lifetime!

To find out more about the club, you can check us out at:

Or, you can also contact us to more details:
1) Vice President of Membership, MiShan Wong:, or
2) Vice President of Educations, Timothy Nakayama:

We will see you in our next meeting!

With Love,
Mid Valley Toastmasters Club

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mid Valley TMC Installation Night 2014 @ Alexis, The Gardens

Mid Valley Toastmasters Club just had our Installation Night for term 2014/2015 on 22nd September 2014. This is an extraordinary meeting because we are not having our meeting at our usual meeting place and not meeting with our usual agenda; this time we're at Alexis with special agendas!!!

Thanks for all EXCO who contribute for term 2013/2014 and welcome EXCO 2014/2015 on board!

Pictures tell a thousand words, here we share with you how MV TMC members rock in exuberant atmosphere with 70s classic theme that night~

Mid Valley Toastmasters members are like a big family and we're fun going.

If any of you out there interested in finding a Toastmasters club to join, you may drop by to visit our usual meeting in Cititel 5th Floor on every 2nd and 4th Monday, 7pm. See you there. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

23rd July Meeting - Stop Blaming, Start Forgiving

The 23rd of July meeting was our 199th meeting - so that's one more to the big 200! For a pre-biggie meeting, this one did not disappoint. In fact, it felt like it was the big one itself! Even before the meeting proper started, there was a palpable buzz in the air, as if the few hours that followed would be an electrifying experience.

Well, it was. And the main reason for that, the big reason behind that addictive buss and the feeling of excitement in the room - were the people at the meeting themselves! 44 people turned up to bring good cheer and passionate enthusiasm to a meeting that well and truly rocked. 44 people ~ 18 of them our own Mid Valley members and the other 26 our guests, from other Toastmasters clubs and non-Toastmasters guests alike, who honored us with their presence and involvement. Just a quick roll-call when it comes to the various clubs that were in attendance: Sunway University, Indrahana, Money & You, HELP University, Friendship, Faith, Scope, MIA, Ipoh TMC and Taylor's University.

To quote our previous Area Governor, the ever charming Victor Ong ~ "What an evening!"

And what better way to start off our second meeting of the 2012/2013 term than by restoring one of the traditions that was due for a Karate-Kid-like comeback - New Member Induction?

The tradition fell along the wayside during the past term, but it was brought back in style by having a massive one: by inducting SIX members at once. It would have been more except some were late and others could not make it to the meeting. It should be noted that all these members had joined much earlier than July, but we were going for inducting EVERY member who has never been inducted officially.

Here's the picture for the six-member induction (photo courtesy of Shin Li);

President Travis Lai inducting 6 members.
From Left to Right: Ted Saraki, Lisa Khoo, Vivien Lim, Mr. Wong, Winson Tan, Timothy Nakayama

And then, our Elect-Toastmaster-of-the-Evening, Immediate Past President Ang Chee Yong, took over, adding some pep and zest to get that buzz flowing to each and every person in the room. He got us all in the right mood by introducing the Table Topic Master of the day, the young and affable Lee Jun Han from Money & You Toastmasters Club.

Jun Han brought us a new take on Table Topics by doing it Charades-style. Two people come up ~ one person will Mime, while the other will Speak. The Mime gets to read a short story from a piece of paper, and then, they have to mime the actions in the story for the Speaker. The Speaker has to guess what the silent actor is trying to tell them.

As you would expect, the results were fun, entertaining, and yes, we can admit it - hilarious (photos courtesy of Victor Ong):

Sharif and Ashwinni from Sunway University TMC
Shariff makes the rookie mistake of assuming a girl is pregnant because of her body gestures.

Bryan (from HELP Uni TMC) and Cris (from Taylor's Uni TMC)
What's the time, morning glory?

Mr. Ninja and Ms. Satomi:
Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream.

It should be noted that Victor Ong and Keith Ho (a Mid Valley TMC member!) also took part, and their story was that of lovers... one who is outraged that the other had an affair.... Somehow, all incriminating evidence has disappeared, for we have no photos of the couple acting out their tearful story...

It is at this point that the Toastmaster of the Evening arrived - the bubblelicious Sheryl Chieng. And her arrival was greeted by cheers of approval, for our Vice President of Education has always been a crowd favorite, especially when she starts the session off with her favourite quote: "Speeches should be like skirts. Low enough to cover the vitals. Short enough to keep things interesting". Victor Ong replied with a crowd-favorite as well: "Your skirt?" Zing!!!

(Photo below courtesy of Winson Tan):

An unusually fierce Sheryl Chieng

And then we got to the main showcase of any Toastmasters meeting: Prepare Speeches. And as you've come to expect from a Mid Valley Toastmasters meeting, we had 5 brave souls stepping up to deliver their prepared speeches (photos courtesy of Victor Ong):

Winson Tan educating us (humorously) on the cultural differences between India and Malaysia

Ong Koh Him telling us a story about a train and what happened on one fateful day...

Ted Saraki showing us just how big an Ox can get in his first Advanced Speech

Travis Lai tries to sell RM90 eyedrops to an unsuspecting Ang Chee Yong.

Timothy Nakayama ~ a 58-year old politician speaking to the masses in 2050. 'Nuff said.

After the speeches, it was time for our eating-and-chit-chatting session and as usual, we did that in style, swerving and dancing around like ballet dancers as we try to update each other on the latest news going on at each others' clubs ~ Networking like a boss.

And, after the break, it was time for first-time General Evaluator to play her role. And, as always the case with How Yee, from Money & You Toastmasters Club (just down the road at 3rd Mile Square, on Old Klang Road), she does everything with stylish pizazz and chutzpah (Photo courtesy of Victor Ong):

Poised, Elegant, our General Evaluator, How Yee

And then we come to everyone's favourite session: Evaluation time! As the Humor Speech and Evaluation season comes closer and closer, this was the perfect time for everyone to learn how to do great evaluations, and boy, did we have a group of experienced evaluators at the meeting:

Yeow Honn, having the unenviable task of evaluating the Charades-like Table Topic Session...

... which was not bad, considering that his initial reaction went something like this.

Ian Tai (from Friendship TMC) giving some points of improvement for Winson Tan

Immediate Past President Ang Chee Yong evaluating Ong Koh Him's train story.

Our Area Governor, Chan Siew Peng, letting us know whether funny-man Ted Saraki succeeded!

Bryan Cheong (from HELP Uni TMC) sharing his opinion on Travis' Advanced Speech.

Victor Ong sharing some insights into how Timothy Nakayama's speech fared with the audience.

The evaluations were top-notch and the meeting flowed smoothly to the next phase, where How Yee called upon her team of evaluators to deliver their reports. She called upon Jee Aik (Grammarian), Priscilla (Ah Counter) and Lisa Khoo (Timekeeper) before delivering her short and sweet General Evaluator Report (Photo courtesy of Winson Tan):

Priscilla Parissa (Faith TMC) giving her Ah Counter report while Lisa Khoo looks on

And then President Travis Lai returned to the stage to give his President Closing Address and present the Awards to the winners.

The Awards for this meeting were given out to (photos courtesy of Winson Tan):

Estranged Couple Victor Ong and Keith Ho - Best Table Topic Pair

Timothy Nakayama - Best Project Speech Speaker

Victor Ong - Best Evaluator

And of course, Mid Valley Toastmasters Club gives a certificate of appreciation to our awesome General Evaluator, Ms. How Yee. It may be her first time, but this lady has got verve and moxie. (Photo courtesy of Winson Tan):

How Yee - first time General Evaluator - but oh so good!

Of course, here at Mid Valley Toastmasters, just because the meeting is over doesn't mean we can't take more pictures (Photo courtesy of Shin Li):

Our frequent guest, Shin Li (Ipoh TMC) with the ever affable Victor Ong

With such an epic meeting, it is only proper for one last photo ~ The Group Shot! (Photo courtesy of Winson Tan):

Everyone do the Asian Cheesy Group Shot thing!

It was a meeting where records were broken, blues were banished, hungry stomachs were filled-up, spirits lifted to the skies, and where the passion for Toastmasters was as clear as a cloudless summer sky.

The 200th meeting beckons.

Our Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest will take place on 13th August.
Our next meeting, the 200th meeting, will be on 27th August. It will be a BIG one. So come ~ you can't afford not to!