Tuesday, September 29, 2009

28 September Meeting- Confronting your Fear

"Confronting your fear" was the theme of yesterday's meeting. Our TME, VPE and extremely suave Tan Poh Leong reminded toastmasters that they were there to confront and conquer their fear of public speaking. Poh Leong who claims to have once feared public speaking, admitted under his breath that he no longer faced such fears. He had confronted and conquered them(at the club level at least). Congratulations Poh Leong! It is hard to imagine that this chap in the picture above actually feared public speaking.

Jonathan(left) a first-timer at toastmasters and guest of Meng Rae(right) from the IGB group paying rapt attention to the speech at hand.

A planned speech of a "no-plan plan" by Nur Hidayah. The titles of the speech in themselves stir one's curiosity.

The distinguished looking General Evaluator playing close attention to the antics of the club.

Our club's treasurer Meng Rae advising the club as to how to not to be millionaire.

The confused computer geniuses Seng Yaw and Leung wondering whether or not to want be a millionaire after-all. Hmmm

Our GE demonstrating the proper way to confront one's fear : with open arms

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

14 September Meeting - Hari Raya Aidilfitri

The theme of our meeting yesterday evening was Hari Raya Aidilfitri. And who better to explain the significance of this theme than the one who selected it, our TME, Noorhashima. It was Ema's (her shortened and preferred name) maiden role as a TME and I thought she was just great. She took her role seriously and gathered all essential facts before the meeting. Her due diligence and resolute command of the meeting resulted in a meeting almost as smooth as the silk of the baju kurung she wore. Ema seen above making final adjustments on her TME script.
We also had a guest yesterday, Edwin Wong. It was his first time at a TM meeting. And our VPM Rafeeqa, left no question in Edwin's mind as to the benefits of "toastmastering". (Rafeeqa seen in photograph pointing out the finer points to Edwin).

Edwin later took the bull by its horns by trying out at table topics.

We were fortunate to have also yesterday a committed GE, Kuok Sum who shared with us interesting insights as to how we can better our meetings. What I particularly found enlightening was his insight on the different stances for women and men and how to make shorter yet substantive reports on timekeeping.
Thank you Kuok Sum. (seen above receiving a token of appreciation from the president of the club and yours truly.)

We had our welcomed regular evaluator and friend, Hadzrin at his usual wit delivering his wining table topic.

And our poise VPE, Poh Leong delivering his wining evaluation, choosing his voice unplugged over the microphone.

Rafeeqa having had personal training sessions from the master himself and W3 Area Governor Chia Hur, won for the prepared speeches.

Humor and Evaluation Contest

What a Contest. Ask those who attended and find out why "Walla-Walla" needs to be the word to add in one's vocabulary. Almost every other speech borrowed this word. The word or rather phrase was the thrust of the humor winning speech.

Christine Ong, represented our club and the Area W3 for the evaluation contest. She was the first to evaluate followed by 7 others. Just being there and having the courage to face some fifty odd clubs is a humble lesson in conquering fear in itself. In my book that alone makes each area representative a winner in his or her own right. (insert photograph from left, Christine, Leung's guest, Leung, Poh Leong and myself)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dont Forget!

Division W Humourous Speech and Evaluation Contest

1pm, Saturday, 12 September


Support our own Christine Ong, representing our club and area W3.

Get your tickets from Chia Hur or me.