Wednesday, October 28, 2009

26 October meeting-Haloween

Happy Birthday!
October 22 was the 85th Anniversary of Toastmasters International. In 85 years the club grew from one club in 1924 (as seen on the picture at the top right) to 12,000 clubs around the world. That's indeed a lot of expansion in a relatively short space of time.

That fact alone speaks volumes the organisation. Nothing else needs said. The virtues that the organisation promotes are values universal to any society. And those of us who are already in the organisation can be proud of belonging to probably the biggest organisation in the world which advances our competitive edge without leading us into a competition. Well at least that was the spirit by which Toastmasters was conceived.
Let's always be appreciative of this spirit!

Closer to home though, we had another birthday to celebrate. And it was that of Christine Ong.
Mid Valley Club has come a long way from where it started. And if there was one person who should take credit for moulding the club into becoming what it is today, it should be Christine Ong. I, not unlike many of the others who have known Christine, have nothing but great respect and admiration for her. Her dedication and commitment for anything that she sets her focus on is most admirable and sadly often borders on a fair degree of self-sacrifice. Christine celebrated her birthday on the 25th of October. We wish her all the best

Congratulations to the well deserving team responsible for the Mid Valley club's achievement of the Distinguished Club status.
The club was presented the award at the Semi-Annual Convention held recently at Genting Highlands. It was received there by Chia Hur representing the club. Chia Hur acting in his capacity as Area Governor, in turn re-presented it to the VPE of the Mid Valley Toastmasters Club of the 2008/2009 term, Lee Su Jane. (Anand, the President of the 2008/2009 term couldn't be present to receive this award)

What Luck!
Not only had we Lucky for an evaluator but we were also treated with his mesmerizing speech at table topics. Lachmichand seen here charming the crowd and especially the ladies with his much honed speaking skills, leaving the table topics evaluator awed and lost for words in his evaluation of him.

Our most charming VPPR and lead vampires, Lee Su Jane, see here reaching out to the vampires.
Su Jane seemed to relish this particular topic, describing in minute details her conquests as a vampire. In particular, she was determined to share her delight at acquiring the taste for the blood of a certain gender. You can choose to assume which. And from the response of the audience, one would think that some here actually looked forward to the prospect of being bitten by this vampires.
Su Jane had just returned from the Semi-Annual Convention at Genting Highlands and seemed super charged-up to share her freshly minted knowledge and experiences with the group.