Monday, May 9, 2016

Meeting#280 - Earth Day

"We don't have society if we destroy the earth."
Photo Story Contest (Round#3.2)
Meeting#280 - Earth Day
Submission by Jerry.   (Edited by William)

The stage, the speakers, the role players; elements of a successful toastmasters meeting! Kudos to their confidence in handling their role and contributions to run the meeting smoothly! 

Never say "ops". Always say "ah, interesting". What is so interesting? Come and join us as guest to find out!  Oops, didn't I warn you the Ah counter will count the 'Ah's in your saying?

Pictures speak a thousand words. And so a thousand not enough to describe a wonderful prepared speech! This is toastmasters meeting, and what we do!

Ready, Aim and Shoot! Having an intention is not enough. You need action to reach your goal!

Be our guest, and show up at the meeting. It's not about your mastery of English, it's about your bravery to step forward and speak.

A heartfelt appreciation to the General Evaluator Ricky from MAD TMC (Right of the Picture) and congratulation to all the awesome winners of the day. (Top to bottom) Best Evaluator, Best Table Topics Speaker, Best Prepared Speech Speaker.

Have a nice day. Till then, see you in the next meeting :)

Monday, April 25, 2016

Meeting#279 - There's no place like home

"When there is love in the Home, there is Joy in the Heart."
Photo Story Contest (Round#3.1)
Meeting#279 - We had a speech marathon tonight. 
Submission by Rayner

These are some of the highlights and moments from our meeting. 

Standing ovation to 2 Toastmasters who have begun their toastmasters journey by attempting the CC1 speech!

An example of "eyes can speak" by Mak

Carmen gestured during her presentation

A very special demonstration on how to wear a ... CONDOM!

 A special thanks to the General Evaluator from Elite Toastmasters, to support this speech marathon.

Wonder what comes next? Come and see for yourself during our next meeting.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

International Speech and Table Topics 2015/2016

14 March 2016, It was the International Speech and Table Topics Contest for Mid Valley Toastmasters Club.

we're glad to see a good response from the contestants, and members. All your presence definitely glorified our contest day

Woohoo! Congratulations to all the Winners in our club contest. May you continue to shine in the next level Area J3 Contest!

Meeting#277 - Be Yourself

The meeting theme for the day, is "Be Yourself" , Word of the Day, "Genuine". 

what's better than just be yourself? You're free to be who you're. Be genuine, and we would like to see the real you! 

We're experimenting with new seating arrangement, wonder which one would create a better engagement for all our guests and members.

Our Toastmaster of the evening, Faruque, about to kick start the meeting of the day. This looks exciting.

The Winner of the Prepared Speech! Daniel presented us with a topic that goes well with the theme tonight, entitled "Worry Not" , don't you think it perfectly match well with theme "Be yourself?"

Finally we also have a simple birthday cake celebration for the March Babies! Hooray!, 

Come and join us, we look forwards to see you in our next meeting! See yea people!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Meeting#276 (Photo Story) - Leap Day 2016

Round#2 Photo Story Submission:
By William Cheong

Meeting #276.

It has been a long while, since our last club meeting. Today it's an extra day for this special leap year. 29 Feb 2016. It only happen once very four years. On this rare occasion, we have our wonderful meeting the evening at Mid Valley Cititel Hotel.

On this very special day, we experimented a new meeting layout. With this new seating arrangement, all the attendees and members are now closer to each other. This shorten the distance between the speakers and the audience, as well as to the role players.

Amertat from the Elite Toastmasters Club was our special guest of the day. He was here to practise his contest speech. A wonderful speech from him, "Tears, Cheers, Years". A lot of insightful message was conveyed to the audience.

The winners of the day. Someone ran away with double prizes again. The impressive one for this meeting went to Mr Kow for his amazing Table Topics speech, and his inspiring prepared speech entitled "My Ordeal".

Someone just had her birthday earlier before the meeting. How about another round of celebration? Our funny and cheerful member Chu Yee did another insightful speech in this evening - "Women in 30s". Because of this coincidence, it added sparkles to our meeting in the evening. 

Last but not least, let's have a group picture together for this special meeting on this leap year's day, which coincidently celebrating a birthday in the month! Besides, we had a guest came to our meeting from Toastmasters Club in Saudi Arabia. Fahad Tahir. (Second row, third from the left). Thank you for joining us in Mid Valley Toastmasters Club meeting.