Monday, May 9, 2016

Meeting#280 - Earth Day

"We don't have society if we destroy the earth."
Photo Story Contest (Round#3.2)
Meeting#280 - Earth Day
Submission by Jerry.   (Edited by William)

The stage, the speakers, the role players; elements of a successful toastmasters meeting! Kudos to their confidence in handling their role and contributions to run the meeting smoothly! 

Never say "ops". Always say "ah, interesting". What is so interesting? Come and join us as guest to find out!  Oops, didn't I warn you the Ah counter will count the 'Ah's in your saying?

Pictures speak a thousand words. And so a thousand not enough to describe a wonderful prepared speech! This is toastmasters meeting, and what we do!

Ready, Aim and Shoot! Having an intention is not enough. You need action to reach your goal!

Be our guest, and show up at the meeting. It's not about your mastery of English, it's about your bravery to step forward and speak.

A heartfelt appreciation to the General Evaluator Ricky from MAD TMC (Right of the Picture) and congratulation to all the awesome winners of the day. (Top to bottom) Best Evaluator, Best Table Topics Speaker, Best Prepared Speech Speaker.

Have a nice day. Till then, see you in the next meeting :)