Monday, August 15, 2011

Club Humorous Speech & Speech Evaluation Contest (HS&E) 8/8/2011

Recently, we have our club’s HS&E contest and it was a success! The purpose of us to have this contest is to let the members to gain more experience in a contest and also to promote our club to other clubs and guests around Klang Valley. Hopefully, after this more members and guest will know more about us!

It’s a big turnout from our members, who participated in both contest! This year, we have 4 in humorous speech contest and 6 in evaluation speech contest.


Our organising committees and contestants are, (from left to right) –

Loo Cheaw Lee – Speech Evaluation Contest Chair
Moses Wong – Organising Chair
Ang Chee Yong – Humorous Speech Contest Chair & Speech Evaluation Contestant
Gerard A. Peter - Speech Evaluation Contestant
Loh Chia Hur – Humorous Speech & Speech Evaluation Contestant
Keith Ho – Humorous Speech & Speech Evaluation Contestant
Jane Lee - Humorous Speech Contestant
Christine Ong – Speech Evaluation Contestant
Leung Wan Choong – Humorous Speech & Speech Evaluation Contestant


Medals and Certificates.

008 009

Our supportive audience and unknown judges.

010 011

(on the left) The ‘two timers’, Cyiun Yong and Darren Pang. (on the right) The resilient test speaker for the Speech Evaluation Contest, nickname “Chicken Lee” – but his speech is no chicken at all!

012 014

(on the left) Moses Wong, our Organizing Chair, with his light hearted comments. (on the right)The lady in the middle is our Contest chair for Speech Evaluation contest chair, and also our camera lady. We forgot to take her picture while she’s in action. Thousand apologies!


(Left) Our amazing Ang Chee Yong, he’s both our Contest chair for humourous speech contest and also a participant in the Speech Evaluation Contest. (Right) And our forever youthful Mr. NJ Singam the Chief Judge... who can forget that!

 And the results …..

015 016 017

Humorous Speech Contest:

1st - Loh Chia Hur

2nd - Leung Wan Choong

3rd - Keith Ho

015 018 019

Speech Evaluation Contest

1st - Loh Chia Hur.

2nd - Christine Ong

3rd - Ang Chee Yong

Well done! Congratulations to all the winners and participants. And we hope everyone have gained valuable experience by participating and witnessing the contests. Our next Area Contest will be in AFC on the 17th September ( Our top 2 winners for each contest will be there to compete with the sisters club from our Area G3, Money & You, HELP, and Monash University.

Let us all give our club contestants of our most valuable support and hope to see you there!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mental block no more.

“Help! I can't write anymore for my speech! I just can’t come out with any ideas!”

Does it ever happened to you when sometimes you just just stare at the empty space of your mind, and you just can’t figure out what to write for your speech?

It does happen to me before, and I think it’s still going to happen to me anytime; sooner, and also, I am not surprise it’s going to happen to me later.

I think this is common to any speakers, writers, creators, innovators, idealist, inventors, philosophers, novelists… basically anyone who would like to come out with original ideas! So, how to overcome this mental block problem?

For this article, I would like to share with everyone some tips on how to overcome the mental block problem:-

  1. Apply Rudyard Kipling’s Secret of Speech Writing. Kipling has a method called the six “serving men”, where just answer the six questions of what, where, when, how, why, and who – and you will find your idea flowing again!
  2. The “Reinforce your idea” method. Stuck with part with a speech? Just do a research on your topic again, in the internet and any writings about the speech. See how other writers or presenters comments about the particular issue. I did this a few times before and it works for me!
  3. Stop doing the crafting and do something else. When sometimes I stuck, I just drop my thinking cap and take a walk, listen to a song, take a shower, go for a jog, or chat with another friend. Do something that relaxes you and the speech idea will come back to you in a while! Most of my speech ideas show themselves when I am taking a shower!

Hope these tips helps you and I wish everyone happy speech crafting!