Friday, August 1, 2008

Outnumbered on the 28th!

Our meeting on the 28th of July was another long one, ending at almost 10pm. But it was a fruitful and enjoyable meeting, probably because in this meeting, Guests outnumbered Members! We had 3 Guest speakers for our Table Topics Session, and 1 Project Guest speaker.

We had 5 Table Topic speakers: Gerard, Anand, and Guests Niki, Larry and Poh Leong. All three Guests were not Toastmasters, and Larry and Poh Leong were first time speakers and our 3 Guests spoke with flair, clarity and confidence. Poh Leong actually won the Best Table Topics Speaker award for the night!

Poh Leong, our Best Table Topics Speaker for the night.

For our project speakers, we had Guest speaker Dorcas Aung from Ireka with her 2nd speech 'Paving Your Way To Success'. As usual, she used her powerful voice to great effect, and was voted the Best Project Speaker of the night. Our Vice President of Education Lee Su Jane gave her 5th speech entitled 'Bang!!!', in which she detailed her personal experience of witnessing a bank robbery up close.

Dorcas Aung Ching Ching from Ireka, our Best Project Speaker for the night

President Anand did his 6th speech, titled 'Katrina and I', where he talked about his experiences while studying in America, where he saw and lived through Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Our last speech for the night was from Vice President of Marketing Loh Chia Hur, as he essentially became a marketing person with his 1st Advanced Communicator Manual Speech, 'The Effective Salesperson'. Loh's speech involved him attempting to sell a magazine to fellow Toastmaster Seng Yaw, followed by an open-floored Q&A session.

Our General Evaluator was Kay Wong, and Vincent Hor was voted the best Evaluator for the night. Overall, it was a long but very fruitful evening. Special thanks to our Guest speakers and Evaluators!

Vincent Hor, voted our Best Evaluator for the night