Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dreaming Big

Some of us dream big. There is nothing wrong with dreaming, because after all, the world that we are in today is built from dreams that many had in the past. Without the many great men who dreamt and dared to pursue their dreams, we would not have the world that we live in today.

While dreaming big is not wrong, at times we would be laughed at for having big dreams. Some call our dreams silly, some call us too ambitious, and some would even start labeling us crazy. However, if we listen to our inner selves, have faith in ourselves, and work hard towards achieving our dreams, no one can possibly stop us. As the wise one once said, "What your mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve".

At Mid Valley Toastmasters Club, we believe in dreaming, and working towards achieving your dreams. On 11th October 2010, we met with the theme of "Dreaming Big". We shared our dreams when we introduced ourselves and proceeded with a unique table topics session where we built a story together on how dreaming big led to a boy's adventure to space. We ended the meeting with all of us closing our eyes and going deep into ourselves to reinforce our dreams, and to strive towards achieving those dreams.

Congratulations to the winners for the night:
1) Best Speaker: Loh Chia Hur

2) Best Evaluator: Tan Poh Leong

3) Best Table Topics Speaker: Jocelyn

Special thanks to our General Evaluator Alan Tan for attending the meeting.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Meeting Full of Fire

(General Evaluator ACB ALB Hadzrin Shah)

The meeting on 27th September 2010 was a meeting full of fire. The fire was started by the fiery General Evaluator ACB ALB Hadzrin Shah who powered all the role players to speak with fire. The unique approach during evaluation session created much excitement and energy. It was a memorable meeting.

Earlier during the meeting, we held an award presentation session for our members who achieved educational awards during the 2009/2010 term. Thanks to these members, we achieved the perfect 10 out of 10 possible points in the Distinguished Club Program (DCP) during the 2009/2010 term:

1. Rafeeqa (CC)
2. Hong Meng Rae (CC)
3. Mellaine (CC)
4. Tan Poh Leong (CC)
5. Lee Su Jane (CL)
6. Loh Chia Hur (ALB)
7. Christine Ong (ACS)
8. Gerard Peter (ACB)