Friday, July 18, 2008

Mid Valley Toastmasters Club Meeting 14/7/08

By Chia Hur,
I apologize for the late updates due to some personal issues. Last Monday, we had our very own club meeting in our home base Cititel, Mid Valley. It was the first meeting involving the new EXCO members that were elected a month ago. Here's some insights on what was happening on that day.
The attendance for the meeting was unusually low for that day. Three guests attended the meeting with us on that day.

The President, Anand gave his presidential speech for the very first time "relaxingly". He did his project speech later too.

Past Area Governor, Christine did her advance project speech as well on that night.

Our Sergeant, Seng Yaw was whispering the theme "Just Do It" repeatedly before pushing himslef forward for tabletopics and project speech.
Our General Evaluator on that day was DTM, Tang Sum Chee who made his way to our meeting even though he had an invitation elsewhere. Thanks if you are reading this!
Leung was our tabletopics evaluator on that day.
Gerald was one of the project speeches evaluator who earned the Best Evaluator of the day with ACG, Leong Oi Wah (since there was a tie in votes)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

IREKA Toastmasters Meeting 10/7/08

By Chia Hur

Last Thurday, Anand, Su Jane, Teh, Rae, Christine and I (did I missed anyone =P) attended IREKA's 1st Toastmasters Meeting. In case some of you still don't know anything about IREKA, she's our sister club! This means we were the sponsor of their club.

For you guys who missed it, here's how the venue looked like. It's a cozy place located in the heart Mont Kiara (within the concrete jungle of condominiums).

Our "Fantastic" president, Anand got his chance to become the table topics evaluator for his very first time!
Before we packed our luggages, the President of IREKA Toastmasters Club was generous enough to give us a souvenir as a token of appreciation. All of us that stayed behind till the very last moment took a photo to remember the night!

For anyone who's interested in joining IREKA's next meeting, you can notify any of our EXCO members. If you need the directions, you can email me at

Area Council Meeting 8/7/08

By Chia Hur

On the 8th of July, there was an area meeting in MAISCA to discuss about the various issues of Toastmasters. We got to meet with other clubs within the area which were DHL KL, Security's Commission, MAISCA, Universiti Malaya and our sister club, IREKA.

Just to give you guys an idea of the location of MAISCA, it's just right across Boulevard hotel (as you can see the picture below was taken from MAISCA building.

Before the meeting started I scouted and found a few interesting posters on Toastmasters. Typically the whole board (below) was filled with Toastmaster's posters and information.

Here's another picture I took during the meeting, the meeting room of MAISCA was quite huge in terms of length. For the meeting, only Anand (President), Su Jane (VPE) and I (VPM) attended as it was compulsory for us.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Guesting at Friendship TMC

2 Presidents and some crazy guy
(Lay Theng, Adnan and Ernest)
by The Teh

On July 1st , Adnan and myself went to Friendship Toastmasters Club's first ever brand new meeting for the new term. The meetings are held at KL Golf and Country Club, which is around Sri Hartamas (big signboards conveniently point the way). It was the first time either one of us had been there, and we were there as evaluators (Adnan as the evaluator for Table Topics, I evaluated a project speech).

The first thing that struck us was how organized the meeting was. Friendship had a very nice and professional newsletter printed out, detailing, among other things, the President's Message, Club Goals, an event calendar, and even a comic of Dilbert!
Anand and I were warmly greeted by the members, and Anand and I were impressed by how well prepared the role players were. Ernest from HELP TMC was the General Evaluator, and there were 3 project speakers for that night: Alexandra Lau for her 1st speech; Zaiton Zainal Abidin for Speech #4 (whom I evaluated); and ACS James Ariokasamy for Advanced Communicator Speech #1.

All in all, we were very impressed and the meeting went very well, although we did not manage to sample FTMC's regular chicken wings (the new SAA pledged that he would provide wings in future meetings). Thanks to Ben and the EXCO for inviting us there.