Friday, December 11, 2009

Youth Leadership Programme with Rumah Hope

We recently, successfully concluded the Youth Leadership Programme for Rumah Hope. And I think I speak for all who attended when I say that it was an immensely fulfilling experience.

Three days of learning for all of us. Being taught as we teach.

As chief coordinator, I was prepared or even anticipated hiccups and other forms of challenges. But thankfully it was not to be and the programme went along quite smoothly indeed.

I'd like to put on record my thanks to each and every single person who made this happen. You can see them in action below.

This photo was taken on Day 1.
The participants had no idea what they were in for.

These trophies were for the speech contest on the final day - Day 3.
They were on display on the front desk as a means of motivation for the participants. If you think they're really nice, tell Meng Rae. He chose them.

Here you see Lorna Fisher and Chia Hur at a break-away session.
Chia Hur is the chief mentor for this particular group.

Another mentor, Meng Rae at work. Presenting a topic on how a speech is to be organised.

Here you have Jacob Mathew representing Rumah Hope having a chat with Ramdas Nayar and Geoff Andrew. Geoff and Ramdas, both exceptional presenters had earlier presented a session each with the children.

Here you have Bill Sim in action. Bill presented two sessions. One on Gestures and another on Listening. If he looks animated here, imagine him live.

My pillars of strength. Mellaine, Su Jane and Chee Yong.
These are half of them. the other half being Poh Leong and Meng Rae. These bunch of the Mid Valley Toastmasters Club EXCO fully supported this initiative and were a totally dedicated team.

Two of our five contest Judges in open chambers, Huang Qinmei and Shaik Dawood.
Presumably having a pointed discussion on the merits of the participants.
(If you want better photos of the last day's happenings, Shaik would be the man to see)

Getting down to the root of the problem , Lorna dedicatedly explains a point to a participant, Aiswariya.

The ultimate expression of gratitude.
Kogilavani demonstrating the general sentiment of that memorable final evening. Mellaine on the receiving end.

Group photograph
Day 2

Senior Group GM of Internal Audit, Christine Ong peruses the work of a paticipant and gives him pointers. Glad it wasn't my work she was perusing.

Area Governor W3, Loh Chia Hur taking time of from his governing responsiblities to coach kids.

Bill again animatedly conducts an exercise on Listening

Our kind hearted sponsor Mr Antony P. Barragry, CEO Mid Valley City, Gardens having a lunch-time chat with Chia Hur, Christine Ong and Lorna Fisher. In the background, standing is Shahrin Chin Abdullah, Senior Group GM, Group Human Resource Division, IGB Corporation Berhad. who played an instrumental role in having the programme venued at the Gardens Hotel.