Thursday, October 30, 2008

5 Reasons to Join Mid Valley Toastmasters Club

1) We can help you gain the confidence to speak in public and become a leader
In Toastmasters, we have a system to guide our members through their journey to become proficient speakers. By going through a series of manuals, members will get to improve on their eye contact, body language, vocal variety and lots more. We also assign mentors for new members to ease their learning process.

2) We provide a platform for networking
We see the importance of networking which could lead us to new possibilities. In Toastmasters, you are not restricted to only one club. You can visit as many clubs as you want, building your connections along the way.

3) We provide the perfect venue for you to practice
In Mid Valley Toastmasters Club, we believe our surroundings do affect the way we perform. That's why we have selected the best for our members, a comfortable conference room in Cititel Hotel, Mid Valley.

4) We provide good food
We understand the gastronomic needs of our members, that's why our freshly cooked food came directly from the hotel's kitchen. Serving on a "All-You-Can-Eat" basis!

5) We provide a fun and friendly environment
In Mid Valley Toastmasters Club, we believe in learning with a fun experience. We could be dressing up seriously, but we are emphasizing on the fun! Mid Valley Toastmasters Club will help you loosen up yourself after a long day of work. On top of that, if your birthday is on our meeting day, let us know. We will help you celebrate your birthday!

If you want to know more about the club or join us for a meeting, kindly write to