Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Laugh It Out!

Toastmasters provides a platform for its members to make mistakes and learn from the mistakes for self improvement. It is the safest platform where you can make mistakes while laughing at your own mistakes without having any adverse consequences. In line with this, the meeting held on 12 July 2010 was set with the theme of “Laugh It Out”.

The meeting was led by our very own Vice President Membership, Travis Lai, who was the Toastmaster of the Evening.

Everyone had good laughter during the meeting which started with a jovial table topics session conducted by Wattson Lai with questions revolving around “Laughter”.

The meeting continued with the first prepared speech by Leong Phaik Shan. Phaik Shan did her ice breaker speech and told us more about herself, including her passion for diving. A remarkable moment of the speech was when she shared with us the fact that “Diving is safer than driving”. Is that true? So she claimed.

Next, Loo Cheaw Lee took the stage and spoke about her experience of having to wear teeth braces. She ended the presentation by imparting the importance of a beautiful smile and encouraged everyone to consider visiting their orthodontist!

Our immediate past Area Governor, Loh Chia Hur, continued the session with his advanced speech where he was asked to speak "off the cuff" about his experience as a sales representative. He shared with us his experience as a sales representative and revealed the surprising fact that sales representatives are generally lonely people who have to travel and work on their own most of the time.

The last speech for the day was presented by our immediate past president, Gerard Peter, who spoke about Hofstede’s Dimensions. He shared with us Malaysia’s ranking on each of the 5 Hofstede’s Dimensions, including the fact that Malaysia scored the highest in the Power Distance dimension, which indicates that Malaysians generally accept that power is distributed unequally.

DTM Tang Sum Chee was the General Evaluator for the meeting and joyfully guided us through the evaluation sections.

At the end of the meeting, a special session was held where our immediate past president, Gerard Peter, accepted an award for leading our club in achieving the perfect 10 out of 10 DCP goals for the term 2009/2010. Congratulations to Mid Valley Toastmasters Club, and special thanks to the EXCO members of the last term!!!

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